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Feature Items

  • Norco Carbon Range 7.2 - 2014

    It's jet black and was born in the freeride capital of the world. What more can you want from an All Mountain machine! [more]

  • Giant Anyroad CoMax - 2015

    Follow the road to adventure with this extremely versatile and rider-friendly drop-bar bike. A great way to improve fitness, the all-new AnyRoad CoMax is designed with a… [more]

  • Giant Defy Advanced 1 - 2015

    Hammer out more miles. Descend with more confidence. Take the long way home. From gran fondos to epic solo adventures, Defy Advanced is the choice for comfort and… [more]


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Your Norco Headquarters!

Whether you're exploring your neighborhood, your continent or your personal limits, Norco has the perfect bicycle for you! Come check out the all new Carbon Range before it's gone.

Pump Track!

'Tis the season. If the rain is keeping you pent up and angry at the world come by Discover and rip a few laps on the Pump Track. Stay tuned for weekly pump track get togethers soon.

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Today's Tip

Wear, Don’t Carry, Your Helmet – While you may see cyclists riding with their helmets stylishly hung from their handlebars or backpacks, we strongly recommend keeping yours on your head every time you ride. This is important because accidents are called that for a reason. Even though you may think you’re safe riding down a quiet path or deserted trail, all kinds of things can go wrong — and when danger strikes, you may have no control over what happens. That’s why it’s smart to always keep your helmet on your head where it belongs. Besides, if you hang it from the bars, it could actually cause a crash by distracting you or even by falling off and into the front spokes.

Make It Reign!!

The new Reign just made its way into the shop and into our demo fleet. Come by the shop take it for a spin.